At Portoro, we want to redefine special. Redefine exceptional. Redefine extraordinary.

We want diners to be delighted, restaurateurs to rave, critics to crave more. When the cutlery rests on the plate after the last mouthful, there should be disbelief that anything could possibly be so perfect.
We’re here to challenge, change and make a difference.

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We’re part of a new breed. We respect the land we work on by ensuring that our stations are locally sustainable in terms of water and fresh feed. We run a clean operation that is sustainable into the future. We will not sacrifice tomorrow by pursuing today’s cheap gain.

Underpinned by Natural Grain Farm Assurance
Australian Native Forestry
Fresh sustainable NON-GMO feed
Water capture and reuse systems

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We respect our animals and in doing so, we deliver better, long-term results. Our tailored feeding programs are best-of-class and through our deep understanding of animal behaviour, we can tailor adjustments to each individual cattle’s feed to maximise their health.

At Portoro, we have developed a set of proprietary slow acclimation and feeding processes that mean we no longer need to administer antibiotics or added hormones. It’s a natural process that has the benefit of ensuring an extraordinary level of marbling consistency.

Welfare rather than productivity
Antibiotic free
HGP Free
Non-GMO Producer
Deep respect of animal behaviors

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We set the bar higher than by simply relying on Marble Score as a benchmark. Having said that, our Marble Scores are exceptional. Quality sits across everything we do, and we are ambitious enough to be industry leaders with a new mindset.

We’ll do this by redefining and exceeding existing standards to new levels. Importantly, we’ll continue to do things differently, push the boundaries, challenge existing thinking.

Marble score MB2+ and MB4+
Also exhibits exquisite 5, 6 and 7+ scores
Certified by third party audits
Certified Grain Fed
British and Euro breeds

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Portoro is committed to consistency. We’re not after quick wins and artificial dynamics. We believe our industry has grown beyond that. We have a long-term vision and will pursue it with great determination. The richness and the depth in value of our product is paralleled by its eating experience. Every single time.

Year round grazing season
Careful selection of inputs
Luxuriant prolific Marbling



Brand Portoro MB2+ Portoro MB4+
Marble Score 2+ 4+
Antibiotic Status Never in lifetime Never in lifetime
Hormone Status Never in lifetime Never in lifetime
3rd Party Audited Yes Yes
Breed British & Euro Only British & Euro Only
MSA Graded Yes Yes
Specialist Program JBS Farm Assurance JBS Farm Assurance
MSA-Graded-Logo-WHITE JBSFA Logo Final White 2022_FFS_Gold_RGB_150x150